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6) Which website hosting package should I choose? This is going to depend on what type of website you want to make. If the main focus of your website is informational in nature (i.e. listing company information, contact info, sharing poetry, personal writings, factual information, etc), and will not be including too many images, then the Basic or Standard option is sufficient. If you will be including a lot of images, then the Silver plan will give you the additional space you require.
7) How can I advertise my website? For a small fee, we can create an account for you with the major search engines in order to spread your advertising around the World Wide Web.
8) What is a 'domain name'? A domain name is like a digital address on the world wide web. For example, when you type in "www.ezlava.com" you are taken to the EZLAVA 'domain'. It is like a digital headquarters for your internet presence.
9) Can I change how I pay my hosting bill? Yes. You can visit your account page to view your payment method, and change it to either auto bill your credit card, or set your alert method for invoices.
10) Can you help with Credit Card Processing? Absolutely. We can help you obtain a merchant account, configure that account with your shopping cart, and even set up a live gateway to the bank to obtain instant approvals or declines.
Template Guarantee
High Quality Web Design Templates
Template Guarantee - We have dozens of free, high quality, professionally designed website templates setup and ready to use on your new web pages.  In addition, if you can't find a suitable template in stock, we'll modify an existing or create a new web design template more geared to your needs.
Web Design Packages
Hire our design team to setup a professional high quality website

We have a web design package perfect for your budget as well as the size and type of website you need. Packages include 5 pages, 10 pages, or 15 web pages all at group package pricing.  Contact us today to get us started on your new website.
Details apply!  Please see offer for more information.