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The amazing graphic designers at EZLAVA have years of experience and were hand picked from among the industries bestEZPERIOD  Have our team of talented designers create an original custom logo or graphic for your websiteEZPERIOD  All professional websitesEZCOMMA business or otherwiseEZCOMMA need a high quality logo or custom graphicEZPERIODEZLINEBREAKEZLINEBREAKPricing for our custom logos and graphics varyEZPERIODEZLINEBREAKEZLINEBREAKBudget Logo EZDASH a basic wireframe or text logo EZDASH EZDOLLAR250EZLINEBREAKEZLINEBREAKStandard Logo EZDASH a single color logo EZDASH EZDOLLAR350EZLINEBREAKEZLINEBREAKExecutive LogoEZASTERICK EZDASH a custom full color logo with a large amount of detail EZDASH Starts at EZDOLLAR500 EZDASH EZASTERICKprice depends upon level of detail requested and estimated time for completionEZPERIODEZLINEBREAKEZLINEBREAKTo get us started on your custom logo or graphicEZCOMMA please contact one of our friendly staff todayEZPERIODEZSPACEEZSPACEWeEZAPOSTROPHEre ready to help you take your personal or business website to the next levelEZPERIOD
Custom Logos EZAMPERSAND Graphics
Basic Logo - $250
(basic wireframe or text logo)

Standard Logo - $350
(single color logo)

*Premium Logo - $500+
(custom full color logo with a large amount of detail)

Business Card Design - $350
(custom business cards made to match a website)

*Custom Graphics - $50+
(contact customer service for more information or a custom quote)

*Price depends on level of detail requested and estimated time needed for completion.
A custom logo for your website is just the beginning of where you can take your new or existing website. Consider the impact to your viewers if you also provide custom graphics to help brand your product, service, or Internet presence!
Get creative! Purchase matching business cards! There is no comparison when you hand out professionally designed business cards, especially when it matches your website. Think about the immediate impression it will have on a potential customer, as well as the reaffirming feeling they will have when they later visit your website.
Web Design Packages
Hire our design team to setup a professional high quality website

We have a website design package perfect for your budget as well as the size and type of website you need. Packages include 5 pages, 10 pages, 15 pages, or a custom number of web pages all at group package pricing.  Contact us today to get us started on your new website.
Affordable Hosting
We provide several low cost hosting packages available to fit any budget

We provide affordable website hosting with exceptional customer service.  Simply sign up for the hosting package that best fits what you want to do with your website.  Then you can start right away using EZLAVA to create each of your web pages.  It's that fast and that easy!