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EZLAVA Website Builder
Easy To Use Website Wizard - Do It Yourself Solutions, Websites, Hosting, Domain Registration, Email, Website Templates, Custom Programming, and Custom Web Design
School Classroom Website Builder Software - College Web Design Website Templates
Sign up for an EZLAVA hosting account today and see what kind of website you can make.  The software provides several free classroom student web design templates to choose from.

EZLAVA offers a Template Guarantee for any new customer with a paid Standard Hosting account or greater.  Students that can't find a web design suitable for their classroom or college project in stock, can ask us to design a new web design template for them for FREE.  To get us to create a new web design template for FREE for you, simply sign up for an EZLAVA website hosting package today!
ePortfolio Website Builder
It's important for today's school age youth to learn how the Internet works.  Students are often encouraged by their teachers to publish ePortfolios and online projects or biographies during their academic careers.  For this, students should use website software developed to create any kind of online application, including online presentations, student porfolios, school projects, or student websites.  The EZLAVA 4.0 Website Builder can do all of this for you.  With this website software program you can make a website that will impress even the most critical professor. EZLAVA can help show your strength & diversity beyond the specific field you're studying.  Create an impressive online presentation that will showcase your ability to think creatively about anything you set your mind to.
The best website builder is one that enables you to create any kind of online presence, such as business websites, student websites, or eportfolios.  EZLAVA is an easy to use online website maker for students needing to create an ePortfolio for classroom projects.  The program includes web design templates designed to be used as ePortfolios or online project presentations.

Students can use the Website Wizards to create a website for their classroom project.  The wizards walk students through the step by step process of creating a website.  Students select a classroom project web design template, then select the buttons and web pages they need.  Once that's done, all that's left is to click the finish button.  The wizard will run, making all of your web pages for you.  Next, you can edit, preview, or publish any or all of those web pages with one click.
The program also includes a Website Content Wizard that walks beginners through the steps of adding content to web pages.  The wizard includes instructions that help you know what to do next.

To get beginners accustomed with the EZLAVA software, all beginners receive Email instructions on how to use the software.  The Email lessons help beginners learn how to make a website.